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Statement of Faith & Healing

We, the Healing Council, 

know that anyone is able to heal

physically, mentally, emotionally & in Spirit...


That each Soul, can individually recognize their past traumas and release

them while finding understanding of the deeper purpose of each experience...

Which transforms the past into

something new...



Our singular purpose is to update your understanding of why? and

begin radical self transformation and physical healing for you... 

To assist in releasing old ideas of what is possible

and educate a Soul on their true nature...

We work only from Divine Alignment and Divine Intent. Each

of us has worked individually in this life to manifest these connections. 

As individual healers we have facilitated miracles and deep healing for others

through our work, that have struggled to find healing elsewhere. 


Now as a team, the Healing Council  combine our abilities

and intent to speed up healing exponentially. We act

through Higher Alignment, Faith, and

years (and indeed lifetimes!)

of specialized healing energy skills to 

help you heal.


When a Soul desires to change energy can shift quickly towards radical healing!

And So it is...

- The Healing Council -

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