Philosophy of Faith & Healing

We, the Healing Council, are firm believers

that anyone is able to heal fully.


Our purpose is to help facilitate miracles of healing. 
We work from divine alignment and intent to specialize 
in bringing all levels of healing for the body and Soul during

a challenging and busy time for us all on this planet. 


Each of us, as individual healers, have facilitated deep healing

for Souls that have struggled to find it elsewhere. 

Together in Council, we are combining each of our unique, 

aligned abilities and intuitive knowing to meet the divine

nature of your Spirit. 


We act through Faith, years (and indeed lifetimes!)

of specialized energy healing skills, to facilitate, promote, 

and bring forth into the Now divine healing. 


When a Soul desires, energy

can shift quickly towards radical healing.

And So it is...

Todd, Angela, and Jeff

- The Healing Council -

© 2020 Healing Council