Monthly Membership


$120 monthly

New Healing Council subscriptions

begin the 15th of each month,

ending the 15th of the following month.

If you wish to sign up for another month, you will have the full responsibility

to submit another months payment.

We will not have an active monthly recurring billing system in place.

- Which means - 

If we do not receive payment, we understand you have made a different choice.

This is beautiful too, and we fully support your journey.

If you simply need to rest, we welcome you back at any time. 

What you receive

Three Healers, One Full Month of Healing

The full Healing Council, Todd, Angela, and Jeff collaboratively focus

on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns.

This continuous work is done in collaboration with your own Soul.

Work is always directed by Spirit.

Our Purpose

To Co-Create Healing Miracles through Alignment

We are committed to assist in your healing process 

in a focused, intuitive way, fully aligned with Source.

This is our Spirit-Directed Mission to help you!

Let us begin

Email for additional information or to

begin your Healing Council journey

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