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Monthly Healing Plan


$220 monthly

or 3 months for $555 (Includes 1 hour special healing session)

Your month membership begins once you send payment and your

information is received, and runs for one calendar month from that date.

If you choose to sign up for another month, you will have the full responsibility

to submit another payment.

- which means - 

This membership is entirely on your terms, and full of self-effort and grace! :) 

What you receive

One Full Month of Healing

                    1) The full Healing Council (HC) - Who collaboratively focus

                        on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns.

                    2) 30 minute live video consult every month with one either Todd or Angela

                    3) Developing newsletter with current feedback, shared experiences, and other goodies

                    4) Ability to touch base with us, especially if an additional healing issue comes forward

                    5) Massive healing on ALL levels

             ** 3 MONTH sign-up includes Special Hour long session included with both Angela & Todd


To Begin

Payment, Information, Introductions

                    Payment can be sent via PayPal or Post*:​

                                        - Via PayPal:

                                        - Via Post: Cash or Check (payable to Healing Council) to:

                                                                                Healing Council

                                                                                PO Box 11

                                                                                Edmonds, WA 98020

*For those of you outside the US or Canada, PayPal is preferred.

If choosing to mail in payment, please let us know when you email us your information.

                    To give us a focal for our energy healing work, we will need:

                                        1) Current, clear photo. Please ensure this is taken within the last week,

                                             and shows you from the waist up.

                                        2) Your list of concerns. Primary focus will be on physical issues; however, working                                                with Spirit will always take us to the emotional, mental, and spiritual roots.

Our Purpose

To Co-Create Healing Miracles through Alignment

We are committed to assist in your healing process 

in a focused, intuitive way, fully aligned with Source.

Let us begin

Email for additional information or to

begin your Healing Council journey.

- Click Link Directly Below -

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