Questions & Answers

How do I begin?

Email to get started


What are the fees and how does the subscription work?

$120 per month, due by the 15th of the month

If we do not receive payment, we understand that you have made a different choice. This is beautiful too, and we fully support your journey


What are your qualifications to be a healer?

Spirit has chosen each person who is part of the Healing Council for their unique abilities and pureness of heart


When will healing work take place?

Each healer checks in energetically with each person daily. Work may be done at any time of day or night. The work is always directed by Spirit. Some days, you will need work done, and other days you need to spend time integrating.


Can I request a specific Healer?

Yes, and no. The benefit of a Healing Council membership is being worked on continually by three healers at once. However, if you feel called, you are welcome to schedule an individual session with any one of us.


How does remote healing work?

Spirit knows no boundaries. Linear time and physical distance do not apply when working with Spirit. Focus, intent, and alignment can cross any ocean or any hour to provide healing where and when it is needed.


Healing changes?

Each person is unique, and your healing journey will be too. Embrace the change.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for healing?

Decide that you're willing to change and allow the healing in fully.


Is there anything I can do myself to enhance the healing I receive?

Start right now with radical self-worth. Begin to take care of yourself on all levels and be open to receive.

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