Questions & Answers

How do I begin?

Email for information and sign up. 

Who is the Healing Council (HC)? 

           Todd Rohlsson - Full-time Psychic and Healer

           Angela Kantjas - Psychic and Healer

            Jeff Maple - Full-time Healer

What are the fees for the Healing Council (Todd, Jeff, & Angela = HC) and what is included?

$150 per month includes:

- A full month of healing work by the Healing Council (HC)

- A 30 minute individual Zoom consult during each membership month with one of the HC healers.

- Newsletter with latest info, other's experiences and some videos too. 

- Ability to give feedback on issues and any changes.

What are your qualifications to be a healer?

Spirit has chosen each healer (Todd, Jeff, Angela) for their ability to transcend limitation, intuitively see a Soul's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues, and have higher alignments to energetically create miracles.

When will healing work take place?

The HC team work together 2 times each week, usually on Mondays and Fridays. Each healer also works individually throughout the week on issues when led.


Can I request a specific Healer?

Yes, and no. The benefit of a Healing Council membership is being worked on continually by three aligned energy healers collaboratively, and allowing Spirit to facilitate healing in the now. Your 30 minute individual consult will be with the healer intuitively chosen to work with you, and this can change from month-to-month. However, if you feel called, you are welcome to schedule an individual session (in addition) with any one of us.


How does remote healing work?

Spirit knows no bounds. Linear time and physical distance do not apply when working in energy with Spirit. Focus, intent, and alignment can cross any ocean or any hour to provide healing where and when it is needed.


How much time do I need to change and heal?

Each person is unique, and your healing journey will be too. For some, one month is all that is needed to facilitate a change. Others love to have consistent long-term support from the Healing Council. For those with serious or chronic physical issues, it will take the time needed to improve or heal. This could be one month, several months, or longer in some cases. We ask each person to be intuitive in what they need. 

The Healing Council, and Spirit, will go as far as you wish to go... always.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for healing?

Decide that you're willing to change, do your work (self-effort), and have faith.

We are here to support and promote your healing, and it is important to understand

that this is a collaborative process between us as healers, Spirit, you, and your spirit.


Is there anything I can do myself to enhance the healing I receive?

Start right now with radical self-worth. Begin to take care of yourself on all levels and be open to receive.


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